Paul Routledge Boasts How Tenant Blacklist Could Be Used To Discriminate Against Disabled People

the void

UPDATE:  The original video which was produced by Property Tribes website and how now been removed.   The above is an edited version which features the conversation Routledge had about a former tenant.

A youtube video has emerged which reveals shocking details of Paul Routledge (@Paul_Rout) boasting how his Landlord Referencing Service can be used to blacklist tenants who have a mental health condition (transcript now available).

Routledge is being interviewed by the Property Tribes website who seem to be affiliated with him in some way.  He tells a ‘hilarious’ story of a former tenant who exhibited unusual behaviour.  Barely able to keep a straight face, Routledge recounts how the man was ultimately sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Not content with mocking him, Routledge also explains how his tenant blacklist could be used by landlords to ensure they do not rent properties to anyone who displays symptoms of…

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We originally set out to advocate and campaign for and on behalf of people living with HIV in Greater Manchester. But we chose to slightly change our name by adding beyond. Therefore our name is Greater Manchester & Beyond of People Living With HIV & AIDS. Cause there are many issues that affects people living with HIV we now look ate other health and social care issues that will affect people living with HIV in their everyday lives. For the purpose of this site we have chosen a strap-line name hence our user name here - this is of course "thepositivevoice". The reason for this is often the issues that affect us can be quite daunting and discriminatory to our very existence. So whatever negative we hear and see - we endeavour to turn that into a positive. There are many examples where a negative has turned into a positive and one of those example is the term "Queer" - well that is also quite interesting as some people in the lesbian and gay community don't like that very word - some have decided to own it. Therefore any person that calls another person (the example here) queer - some gay people will reply yes we are. As time moves on and I as the author of this blog - information will be never-ending. So watch this space.
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